Additional Dividend Information

Dividend withholding tax (“DWT”)

As an Irish resident company, all dividends paid by the Company are subject to DWT, currently at the rate of 20% unless a shareholder is entitled to an exemption. Shareholders entitled to the exemption must have submitted a properly completed exemption form to the Company’s Registrar by the relevant record date for the dividend. Non-Irish resident shareholders and certain Irish companies, trusts, pension schemes, investment undertakings, companies resident in any member state of the European Union and charities may be entitled to claim exemption from DWT. If you require any further assistance or information on the relevant form to be completed, please contact the Registrar. Forms are available on the Irish Tax & Customs Revenue website:

Shareholders should note that DWT will be deducted from dividends where a properly completed form has not been received by the record date for a dividend. 

Dividend mandates

We encourage shareholders to have their dividends paid directly into their bank account to ensure efficiency of payment on the payment date and reduce the instances of lost or out-of-date unclaimed cheques. Please contact the Registrar to avail of this.

Out-of-date/unclaimed dividends

If you have out-of-date dividend cheques or unclaimed dividends, please contact the Registrar.